A walk-off hit by pitch in the 12th inning.

Yeah, I’d say that’s pretty much the exact opposite of what the Cubs did to the Cardinals on Tuesday night.

Jake Arrieta struggled with his command once again – even when he was flashing his usual nasty stuff, he wasn’t really hitting his spots – and made it through just four innings. That was particularly unfortunate, given how long the game wound up going. The Cubs took an early lead on a Luis Valbuena homer, lost that lead mid-game thanks to some bullpen ineffectiveness, and then came back to tie things up in the 9th!

But you know how these things end. Justin Grimm played his part in this one, and the Cubs kept things close only to break folks’ hearts. As they do.

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  • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor

    I knew as soon as Wright came into the game, at least one run would score. Villanueva’s battle beforehand just set the tone for it. Was Rosscup unavailable? Olt is on fire and out of the lineup and his ~1HR/25 PA gets replaced with Barney’s 0-4, w/1 walk. Superb #FireTheo

    haha, had to

    • Edwin

      Should have replaced Valbuena with Olt. Olt probably would have done something awesome, like hit a home run.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    All those walks!!! Listening to Pat on radio, it seemed like the ump was calling “a hitters zone” all night and both sides were getting squeezed, but man.

    I know you save your closer for a save situation on the road, but you could tell when Grimm was in trouble that inning, and RR should have had Rondon warming up. There’s nothing to save if the game is over…

    Castro’s 0-6 last night was pretty telling of the amount of runs the Cubs scored. The top 3 were on base a bunch of times.

    • ssckelley

      The strike zone was horrible, the ump refused to call anything at the knees or on the left handed side edge of the plate. The consolation is that the strike zone was called on both sides pretty even and even though it favored the hitters it resulted in more walks and not a bunch of extra hits. It was the smallest strike zone I have seen yet this season.

      • ArrietasUncle

        I was at the game and I agree. It was consistently bad for both teams. Still have to adjust and throw more strikes.

  • Canadian Cubs Fan

    I also think it’s time for Neil Ramirez to assume a more important position in the bullpen. Of the two, Grimm seems to get higher leverage situations, and he seems to struggle with the pressure.

  • aa.

    I wore my Cubes shirt last night. I’ll take the blame for this one, guys.

    • Karl Groucho


  • Dustin S

    Was at the cold game last night and even Cards fanswere saying pitches from the Cubs looked like strikes that were getting called balls. Both teams had chances to score earlier too. It did seem to me that on a couple defensive plays by Valbuena and Castro they were slow, and let the ball come to them, which ended up being close infield hits.

    Got tickets again for tonight but the rain forecast doesn’t look great.

  • Diehardthefirst

    Trade Jackson and keep Shark — Trade Hammel and keep Wood- trade Boni and make Kalish everyday CF

    • spearman

      Someone has to want Jackson to trade him. Also we’d have to kick in some cash.

      • Canadian Cubs Fan

        Yeah, like 95% of the remaining money.

  • FortyFour

    Went to the game and stayed to the end. It was excellent seeing the Cubs tie the game in the 9th and seeing a bunch of Cardinal fans have to witness the blown save at home.

    I did overhear one Cardinal fan claim that their FO is attempting to trade for Stanton. Not sure if this is true but seems like they could assemble a package for the Marlins to consider.

    On the negative side, Castro made a terrible throw to second and it seemed from my vantage point that he did not look at his target. I know that concentration is not his strength and on that play, it may have led to the poor throw. The error was costly as it enabled the Cardinals to rally for the lead. I thought he was going to make up for it at the plate and he did have one at bat that he hit a shot but it was right at the outfielder.

    • Drew7

      It looked to me like Castro hit the ball hard 5 times last night, just right at guys.

      As for his error: he had to hurry, as Jay was running on the play, IIRC.

    • Cubbie in NC

      Watching the game last night I noticed the the “best fans in baseball” did not seem to stick around for the whole game. I know it was extra innings. But it appeared to me that they started leaving a lot earlier than extra innings. When did the crowd start to really thin out?

      • FortyFour

        Many people did leave even before the end of nine innings. Think it was the fact that it was a Tuesday night coupled with less than ideal weather (rain early with dropping temperatures). The game did seem to take a long time just to complete 9 innings.

  • Coach K

    That 0-6 for Castro is very misleading. He hit the ball hard several times with nothing to show for it. Baseball gods need to let a few bloops fall in for him.

    • Travis

      Glad to hear he hit the ball well at least. I woke up and only saw the 0-6 line. Woof.

  • ssckelley

    I cannot help but wonder how much better Rizzo’s average would be if the opposing team did not use a shift against him. Is it me or does it seem like that shift takes away hits from him every game they use it?

  • RoscoeVillageFan

    It’s funny how bullpen things work out sometimes. I know RR was trying to get Rdon some “work” in the 9th inning of our 17-5 win the other night but I much would’ve rather seen him play a role last night in a crucial situation. It’s not like that’s really work in a 17-5 game as the cards hitters looked like they just wanted to go home. Instead, we got uneven pitching in the late innings of a very winnable game…I would’ve much rather seen rondon pitch in a 3-3 game. Plus, I know Olts OBP is horrific but seems like everytime he does get wood on the ball it goes outta the park. Probably nitpicking and with benefit of 20/20 hindsight, but I’d like to see RR be alittle more consistent and deliberate with decisions. I don’t know…at least Rizzo and Castro are hitting again

  • 70’s Cub

    I think going back to the start of the Braves series the Cubs have a positive run differential yet are 1-4. The mark of a terrible club one that loses most tuff close games like last night. Accept the lead off hitter the Cubs need to start by cutting hitters that can’t hit the ball hard to both sides of the field to split the outfielders for a double. Second poor command relief pitchers need to be sent down to AAA. Walking two hitters in one inning of relief is not “relief” you get sent back to Iowa this should be a dominant organizational message.

  • Edwin

    Apparently Neil Ramirez decided to leave his control problems in Iowa.

  • David

    A lot of positives in this game. Valbuena (possible throw in as trade bait??), Rameriz, Schlitter (sp), Bonifacio with 2 more hits….

  • willis

    Villanueva has lost his mojo. I was a huge fan of his, but bringing him in last night spelled doom.

    Grimm has been pretty awful of late. Last night he had no confidence in his pitches and made some bad mistakes on 0-2 to Peralta and then 1-2 to the guy he hit.

  • http://ryanissamson.drupalgardens.com ryanissamson

    There should be a ticker keeping count of 9th inning and beyond wins/losses on the site. That would be fairly depressing. Me? I have gotten in the habit of shutting off the tv this season for extras. It’s just almost certainly going to be a loss.