zac rosscupThe Chicago Cubs swapped out injured relievers today, activating Jose Veras from the disabled list, while sending Zac Rosscup to it.

Veras is coming back from an oblique injury and a short rehab stint at AA Tennessee, where he pitched mostly effectively. He lost his closer job long before he was sent to the DL, so it’s not expected that he’ll be winning that job back any time soon. Indeed, he’ll probably have to show effective stuff/command in low leverage situations a handful of times before he’ll be appearing in the late innings at all.

Rosscup, 25, had pitched well for the Cubs so far this year in very limited duty (no runs in four innings, 1 hit, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts), but he goes to the disabled list with a sore shoulder. He hasn’t pitched since May 10, and his DL stint will be retroactive to that date. Hopefully it’s not a serious shoulder issue, as Rosscup has a promising future with the Cubs as a lefty reliever option going forward.

After the swap, the Cubs’ bullpen will remain at eight, although there are now six righties and two lefties.

  • Steve


  • Beast Mode

    Don’t worry his shoulder probably hurts as much as Vera’s oblique. 😉

    • fromthemitten

      Rosscup has options… if he weren’t hurt they would have just him back to AAA

  • Crockett

    Texas just lost 2/5ths of their rotation…for the season. And Perez might be out til next Summer.

    Never a better time to fleece Jon Daniels again.

    • DarthHater

      Time to De-Odor-ize them.[img][/img]

    • cubbiekoolaid2015

      Alfaro, Gonzalez, and Jackson for Shark and Valbuena. I’m not sure that would even be considered a fleecing.

  • Funn Dave

    “Rosscup has left shoulder soreness.”

    Hahaha. For some reason, I took the simplicity of the headline description as an indicator of how Brett feels about its verity (or lack thereof).

    • Cyranojoe

      As did I. 😉

  • itzscott

    It’s unfortunate that many of these good pitchers are going down with TJS, but at some point some GM is going to step out and pay a king’s ransom for Samardzjia as a consequence.

    When that happens, it’ll be the defining moment of the Hoystein regime which will end up propelling the Cubs to where they envisioned their team when they accepted Ricketts’ offer to work for him.

    I don’t think the Rangers have what it’ll ultimately cost for Samardzjia.

  • dharmabum

    This past offseason I was all in on trading Shark and getting a hefty haul for him to boot, but with the TJ epidemic mercilessly feeding on young talented arms throughout the league, I’m started to hope the front office can just work out a deal to keep the ever reliable Samardzija in Chicago for the future WS runs. Not that his or anyone’s health is ever guaranteed, but something about him seems safe, as far as serious injuries are concerned.

  • Diehardthefirst

    Any gas left in DFAd Farnsworth tank?

    • itzscott


  • Diehardthefirst

    Need to slash payroll

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