Jose Veras has been on the disabled list since late April with an oblique strain. He was suffering through an extremely rough start to the season before the injury (or maybe in tandem with the injury), so getting some rehab time and some rehab outings in the minors may have been good for him regardless.

Carrie Muskat reports that Veras is now on his way back to the Cubs:

If Veras is activated for tonight’s game – which he might not be, given that he pitched yesterday, and the Cubs could wait a day to activate him – the Cubs will have to send somebody out. Zac Rosscup and Brian Schlitter seem the most likely candidates, even though they’ve pitched relatively well.

Hopefully Veras has his control issues behind him, and comes out throwing strikes. Because if he struggles early, the cascade of displeasure from Cubs fans will follow him wherever he goes for the rest of the year. Further, if the Cubs hope Veras can reclaim even the tiniest semblance of trade value in advance of July 31, he’s pretty much going to have to dominate for the next two months (and look good doing it). I don’t think it’s likely at this point, but, hey, two months is a long time.

Until his early-season hiccup this year, it’s worth remembering, Veras was a fine late-inning reliever.

  • CubsFaninMS

    My juvenile reaction…


    My adult reaction…

    “I truly hope he puts it together and does well so that we can trade him for a high upside/superlowside prospect.”

    • waittilthisyear

      get out of my head

    • Funn Dave


  • SirCub

    Shoot! I was just saying yesterday how I was hoping Veras wouldn’t get called up before my trip to see the Smokies play. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to settle for seeing Kris Bryant…

    • CubsFaninMS

      Don’t say that too loud! The Smokies will be playing 20 minutes from me for the next five days. Your voodoo talk may cause a mid-evening promotion tonight.

      • SirCub

        My trip isn’t for another month.

        Its to the point that I get upset when he has a big game. :(

  • Luke

    Interesting. Start a game instead of finish a game, then head out to join the Cubs.

    The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if a similar promotion is planned for Vizcaino who also pitched usually early in that game (second inning) or if that one was just happenstance.

    It seems a little soon to be moving Vizcaino to Iowa, though. Probably no connection.

    • Brocktoon

      I don’t see anything to that. They just wanted to get them both work.

    • Indy57

      I’m wondering if Veras is a placeholder until they are certain Vizcaino is ready in July. Then they get the most they can for him in a trade before the deadline.

      • Aaron

        I don’t see Vizcaino in Chicago until August or Sept. What’s the point in rushing him in this lost season? Not to mention that there are plenty of decent young arms @ AAA and already in the pen.

  • jp3

    Veras coming back against the voodoo cards? Nothing bad can happen now with him on the mound.

  • ruby2626

    Personally I’d send Grimm back down. He had a horrible spring training with an ERA close to 9.00, I was very surprised he made the team. He pitched well for a while but now he is back to pitching like crap. He needs to go back to AAA and learn how to throw a strike.

    Maybe we can trade James Russell to anyone who will pick up his salary and open up the spot that way.

    • Chad

      You don’t base a decision today based on spring training.

      If the cubs can include Russel in a deal with Shark to increase return they would do it in a second, and probably pay his salary for this year.

      • Q-Ball

        True, but Grimm has struggled of late. His command just isn’t there.

      • BlameHendry

        No, I would base that decision on yesterday. You just shouldn’t allow a guy to stay after he does something like he did last night. That was one of the most infuriating pitching performances I’ve ever seen, and that should have immediately punched his ticket to Iowa.

  • itzscott

    Sometimes life’s unfair….. If anyone doesn’t deserve to be sent down it’s Rosscup and Schlitter (for now).

    I don’t think anyone’s been looking forward to Veras coming back.

  • woody

    I suppose Happy will fell obligated to put Veres in the game at some point. Better save him untill tomorrow afternoon so he can keep Sharks losing streak intact.

  • Funn Dave
  • BennyTheJet

    is Gausman’s bad outing good or bad for the Cubs?

    • Chad

      0 effect. They aren’t trading Gausman or Bundy.

  • auggie

    I was elated to see Veras disappear from the the Cubs. What gets me is the fake oblique injury. Usually players are out about a month with an oblique injury. He was placed on the DL on 4/26 and assigned for rehab to Tennessee on 5/2 just 6 days later! As a fan I don’t appreciate being fed BS by the front office.

    • itzscott

      >> As a fan I don’t appreciate being fed BS by the front office. <<

      I'll bet you were too young to be a fan during Hendry's tenure.

      That guy could BS with a straight face from today until tomorrow.

    • Funn Dave

      It sucks, but it’s kind of just what happens.

  • BennyTheJet

    Manny Muchado, Dylan Bundy for Jeff Samardzija, Dan Vogelbach, Mike Olt

    • Chad

      Orioles laugh, and cry because they are laughing so hard.

    • SirCub

      Don’t do it Theo! It’s a trap!

      They’re trying to trick you by offering Manny MUchado (a single-A bullpen catcher), hoping you’ll read the email too quickly and think its Manny MAchado.

      • DarthHater

        I thought maybe it was “many muchachos.”

        • Danny Ballgame

          Well done Darth

        • SirCub

          If that’s the case, then I would respond, “It depends on the muchachos.”

      • BennyTheJet

        didn’t realize haha thanks….Machado

        Manny Machado is there Castro but better defensively if we hold on to Shark all season and he continues to dominate, and Machado continues to struggle after his surgery, then why not? Castro had a bad year and he was tradable! Dylan Bundy’s value is also lowered do to injury! not saying it can happen maybe i’m dreaming lol.

    • Blackhawks1963

      Put down the hookah. Machado is a potential franchise player. Tatto, this isn’t Fantasy Island.

      • Carew

        hookah is tobacco, it wouldn’t provide the type of influence you’re implying

        • Brocktoon

          Hookah is a pipe. You can smoke many things out of it

          • college_of_coaches

            This is true. However, a hookah-pipe is most commonly used to smoke a special flavored tobacco called shisha, which doesn’t produce the type of influence implied above. Trust me, I’ve got a lot of experience here.

  • Jon

    Subtraction by addition

  • Darth Ivy
  • Blackhawks1963

    Ugh. This guy is awful. On a team that is already destined to lose 100 plus games, why o’ why do they take YET ANOTHER PR hit by bringing this clown back? Just DL him for the season with a phantom injury. He won’t mind, because his $5 million is already guaranteed.

    Seriously, is there EVER any shred of positive news from the SS Titantic that is the Cubs? Damn.

    • Zoolander

      Because the Cubs are paying him $3.85 million this season and were looking to flip him to a playoff bound team in July. So far that plan has back-fired. They are giving him all the opportunities in the world to increase his trade value over the next few months, in spite of the negative reaction the Cubs organization is receiving from fans.

      • Chad

        Exactly. I don’t see the cubs signing any FA relievers next year.

        • ssckelley

          I agree, the Cubs have some good arms in the bullpen. With Rosscup looking good, Wright arbitration eligible, I wonder if they even tender Russell this off season.

          • Chad

            I assume they will depending on what they think he will get in arbitration. I still think he might be a throw in on a trade of Shark or Hammel.

            • Zoolander

              Chad…nice angle on the Russell add-on to a Shark or Hammel trade. The Cubbies will have to throw in some extra money but it may be worth it if the prospects we pick up are rock solid.

              • Chad

                Eh, depends on the team. If throwing in some money increases the return absolutely, but I don’t think Russel makes that much and most teams wouldn’t be to upset about it if they think they can get the “old Russel”. I think he’s still tradeable, but it has to be as part of a package.

            • ssckelley

              The Cubs FO missed the boat to trade Russell, along with Schierholtz. Neither player will get the Cubs much of anything in a trade and the Cubs do not have much room in the organization for fringy prospects.

              • Chad

                That’s why they would have to be included in a bigger deal with Shark or Hammel. No they aren’t worthy of much if anything on their own, but do add some value to a team looking of a reliever or 4th OF along side a SP.

  • http://BleacherNation blewett

    I really hope Veras does not get another shot at closing (at least for awhile). It would be a slap in the face to Hector Rondon, who has pitched well and deserves the role.

    • Blackhawks1963

      Closing? Hell, I hope he doesn’t get another shot of taking the mound, period.

      • Dafoxx

        Damn Blackhawks, do you always have to be so wishy-washy about everything?