I don’t know exactly why this is a thing, but I’m glad it is:

I mean, I get the connections here, but it’s a pretty spurious chain: minor league ballparks do crazy, awesome promotions … Ghostbusters was a beloved movie with an obvious theme … Bill Murray was in that movie … Bill Murray likes baseball … Bill Murray is from the Chicago area … Harry Caray was a broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs … the Cubs also play baseball …

But this is for a minor league team in Toledo, unaffiliated with the Cubs.

Whatever, man. Don’t think about it too much. Just enjoy. It’s actually a pretty good impression, relative to many of the dude-doing-an-impression-of-Will-Ferrell-doing-an-impression things out there.


(Bonus connection: both Murray’s and Caray’s names end in “ay”, but sound like “ee”!)

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