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Recapping a Busy Holiday Weekend, In Case You Weren’t Around

Chicago Cubs News

bn-baseballI know that many folks (rightly) went off to do family/vacationy/non-Internetty things this holiday weekend, so I thought it worth giving you a quick rundown of some of the important stuff that happened and/or was discussed this weekend. It turned out to be quite a bit.


Saturday, May 24

Sunday, May 25

  • A report came out that the MLB Players Association is concerned about how little the Cubs are spending on payroll, and I reacted with some thoughts.


  • Luke reminded folks about some important dates coming up on the amateur/scouting/drafting calendar, which gave me an excuse to post a picture of kittens on a calendar.
  • The big one: the Cubs signed/hired Manny Ramirez to be a player-coach for the AAA Iowa Cubs. Seriously. That happened.

Monday, May 26


Brett Taylor

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