As I promise – and try to deliver – if you grab a picture of yourself around the world in a BN shirt, I will gladly share it here on the site. (Pretty *amazing* reward, right?) You deserve the e-high five for your awesome choice in apparel.

Incidentally, there’s a sale on BN t-shirts right now – 15% off if you enter the code¬†MYSHIRT2014 when you check out (through June 10). So get on that, y’all.

Did you know, you can wear your BN gear to road Cubs games, like Miller Park:

Hell yeah, Tyson and Matthew. Probably gets you less grief than Cubs shirseys anyway.

And if you’re in Milwaukee for a Cubs game, might as well check out the local fare …

Hell yeah, Karl. Just don’t spill suds on the duds. I am clever.

You can even wear your BN shirt to a minor league game … you just have to make sure you make an awesome, timely, and inside-jokey sign:

Hell yeah, Chuck. We could stand for #BaezAfterDark to show up again very soon.

You can even wear your BN shirt to Wrigley as the Cubs blow a game for Jeff Samardzija, as Darth Ivy did:

No sense in trying to conceal your disappointment. You’re still awesome, dude. Hell yeah.

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