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BN Shirts Everywhere, High Fives Aplenty, and a SALE


As I promise – and try to deliver – if you grab a picture of yourself around the world in a BN shirt, I will gladly share it here on the site. (Pretty *amazing* reward, right?) You deserve the e-high five for your awesome choice in apparel.


Incidentally, there’s a sale on BN t-shirts right now – 15% off if you enter the code MYSHIRT2014 when you check out (through June 10). So get on that, y’all.

Did you know, you can wear your BN gear to road Cubs games, like Miller Park:

Hell yeah, Tyson and Matthew. Probably gets you less grief than Cubs shirseys anyway.

And if you’re in Milwaukee for a Cubs game, might as well check out the local fare …

Hell yeah, Karl. Just don’t spill suds on the duds. I am clever.

You can even wear your BN shirt to a minor league game … you just have to make sure you make an awesome, timely, and inside-jokey sign:

Hell yeah, Chuck. We could stand for #BaezAfterDark to show up again very soon.

You can even wear your BN shirt to Wrigley as the Cubs blow a game for Jeff Samardzija, as Darth Ivy did:


No sense in trying to conceal your disappointment. You’re still awesome, dude. Hell yeah.


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.