It was another of those Edwin Jackson starts that you’d just like to stop seeing him make. Jackson couldn’t get through five innings today, as he got hit a bit too much early, and the Cubs’ offense didn’t make up the difference.

Speaking of that offense, when the middle of the order produces like it did today – including three homers – you’d like to see a heck of a lot more than four runs on the board. Part of the problem today? The leadoff man, whose OBP dipped below .270 after the game, went 0-4 with two strikeouts. I know Junior Lake has speed, and I know there aren’t great alternatives in the leadoff spot, but that’s just not a place that makes sense for him.


In any event, that’s not why the Cubs lost. I’m just sayin’.

Also just sayin’? This …

june 14 box

Full box score.

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