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Junior Lake is Probably OK, Will Be Evaluated Again Today After Scary Collision (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs News

junior lake featureThere was a scary moment early last night when Junior Lake tore off into right center to try and catch a Ryan Zimmerman drive, and wound up sliding face-first into an outfield door. He was down for quite a while, but left under his own power – with a smile on his face – and it sounds like he’s going to be OK. The Cubs checked Lake for concussion symptoms, and he passed, and he was reportedly telling teammates after the game that he was fine ( Lake will be evaluated again today, just to be sure.


In that piece, there was a great line from Starlin Castro to his teammate: “I said, ‘Hey, you’re not in the Dominican. They’ve got walls here. You’ve got to be careful. Don’t kill yourself.'” (Hashtag: RealTalk)

Now that we know Lake is probably OK, here’s the video of the play, if you didn’t see it. It’s just about as scary as a collision gets:


Brett Taylor

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