bn baseball featureIf you left for a vacation on, say, Thursday – which is totally reasonable, being that it was July 3 and a long holiday weekend was on tap – you probably didn’t think you would be missing three of the busiest days of really important stuff in the last good while.

But you did. And I don’t just mean the trade.

Thursday, July 3

  • I have to toss in a couple later-in-the-day Thursday entries, in case you really did take off for the holiday early and didn’t check back in until now. The Cubs signed a couple international free agents, and the rooftops offered to settle with the Cubs, if they would go back to the two-sign plan at Wrigley. The Cubs aren’t taking the rooftops up on that right now, and instead want to see their revised (seven sign) plan through the Landmarks Commission meeting this week.


Friday, July 4

Saturday, July 5

Sunday, July 6

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