Chicks dig the long ball, and so do Chicago Cubs prospect lovers.

Javier Baez is on something of a tear. He’s got three homers in his last four games, and has a 1.112 OPS over his last 10 games (with 10 strikeouts and 7 walks). And last night, he did this (thanks to BN’er Ian for the video):

Ah, that beautiful, beautiful sound.

Jorge Soler is on something of a tear. He’s homered in each of his two games back with Tennessee, and has a 1.219 OPS in the 16 games he’s been able to play so far this year. Last night’s homer was part of a three-hit night that also included a double. Here’s a short look at the homer, after which the announcer was just dumbfounded and said Soler is a monster:

That was a serious bomb.

Albert Almora is on something of a tear. He homered yesterday inĀ both halves of Daytona’s doubleheader, and has a 1.137 OPS over his last 10 games (with 3 strikeouts and 3 walks).

And here’s video of his homers …

No. Just kidding. Sorry. No video on the Almora bombs, but I’m imagining that, on one, he squares around to bunt, which totally fools everyone. The infielders and outfielders instinctually creep in, and the outfield wall follows suit. The ensuing slap bunt goes 100 feet, but it clears the drawn-in wall.

The second one I’m imagining as 1855 feet to dead center. Landed on the beach next to a crab who befriended the ball.

Bonus: Anthony Rizzo went deep last night, too, though he did it for the big league team. Here’s the homer, which may have gone higher than it went far:

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