Today is the end of the Final Vote – the competition among five players in each league for the final spot on the AL and NL All-Star teams. Anthony Rizzo is the most deserving of the final five in the NL, and you can help get him the All-Star spot he deserves by voting today here.

You can also do it by simply tweeting the #VoteRizzo hashtag (or retweeting tweets with it) from now until 3pm CT. Right now, Rizzo has a tiny lead, but when the Twitter voting starts, it could disappear in an instant. So, if you want to see Rizzo in the AS Game, do your part.

To get you energized, here’s a video package from on Rizzo’s candidacy:

And here’s the bomb he hit just last night against the Reds:

This, alone, should be enough to get him in the All-Star Game:

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