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The Chicago Cubs Are the 21st Most Valuable Sports Franchise in the World, According to Forbes

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MoneyWe learned earlier this year that Forbes values the Chicago Cubs franchise at $1.2 billion, making theirs the fourth most valuable team in MLB. Now, “value” isn’t quite the same as “what would it sell for”, but it still makes for an interesting discussion.


And speaking of interesting discussions: did you ever wonder how the Cubs’ value would stack up against some of the other sports franchises in the US? Around the world? Well, Forbes did, as it valued the top 50 sports franchises in the world, and the Cubs came in at 21st.

Immediately you’ll note the implication there: baseball franchises are simply not as valuable, in the aggregate as some other types of franchises. Can you guess which types?

If you said football, you’re right. And if you said football, you’re right, too.

That’s because the top three franchise values in the world are soccer (football) clubs, with Real Madrid sitting on top at $3.44 billion. The Yankees and Dodgers are fourth and sixth, bookending the top American football club – the Cowboys ($2.3 billion) – and the Red Sox come in at number 11. Otherwise, the top 20 is dominated by football and soccer. The Knicks (13th – $1.4 billion) and Lakers (15th – $1.35 billion) are the only other non-football/soccer/baseball clubs to make the top 20.


The Bears, by the way, come in at number 18, worth $1.252 billion.

Check out the full Forbes list for some fun off-day reading. And if you find yourself starting to say silly things about the Cubs’ financial situation, read this before you go too far.


Brett Taylor

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