Submitted for your enjoyment and debate: which of these plays is more impressive?

First, there’s Javier Baez hitting one so hard, so fast, and so far that the cameraman never even finds the ball:

Did you hear it? Yeah, I know the announcer must have said “pitch,” but I choose to believe he said, “He powdered that b*tch.” POWDERED it.

Second, there’s Addison Russell making one of the toughest defensive plays you’ll see:

Watching it develop, you’re just thinking, “No, there’s no way he can get this guy … there’s just no way … no way … NO WAAAAAY!”


So, which is more impressive? I think I have to go with Russell’s play, because it didn’t seem possible, whereas we know that Baez can hit baseballs 4,000 feet. Close call, though.

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