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From the Department of Perfect Matches: St. Louis Cardinals Reportedly Sign A.J. Pierzynski

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As the Chicago Cubs play the St. Louis Cardinals at Wrigley Field, the Cardinals have been hard at work trying to find a suitable replacement behind the plate for injured starter Yadier Molina.


Fortunately for the Cardinals and for lovers of irony, the Red Sox recently released irascible and fractious catcher A.J. Pierzynski, formerly of long-tenure with the White Sox. Making sure to do things the right way, the Cardinals have reportedly now signed the suddenly classy and respectful Pierzynski.

The best part? He’s already in Chicago, ready to join the team as soon as today, as the Cardinals play the Cubs. And you thought your opportunities to boo Pierzynski were over!

The Best Fans in Baseball are undoubtedly thrilled by the move to bring aboard Pierzynski, who, by the way, will probably hit 20 homers the rest of the way while hitting .400 and shocking everyone with a Gold Glove win.


If only the Cubs had occasion to bring back a former catcher to spice things up …

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Brett Taylor

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