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San Francisco Giants Reportedly Acquire Jake Peavy from Boston Red Sox

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att park san francisco giantsAlthough Jake Peavy is having a down year, the Giants were still interested in picking him up to help out with their struggling rotation. So, they did.


The Red Sox dealt the free-agent-to-be despite a recent surge, but Peavy was arguably always superfluous in their rotation with a number of young arms potentially ready to step in. The return to the Red Sox hasn’t yet been reported, but it’s believed that a lot of money is going to the Giants to help cover part of Peavy’s $14.5 million salary this year, which could bump up what Boston gets.

The potential impacts here:

  • This doesn’t necessarily mean the Red Sox are full-on sellers now, though they could still move in that direction. If they do, they have a number of bullpen/bench pieces that could compete with the Cubs’ efforts to shop the same.
  • The Giants are unlikely to pick up another pitcher at this point, but would someone like Edwin Jackson (whom the Cubs are reportedly shopping) really have competed as an asset with Peavy anyway? Probably not. I guess, then, this is marginally good for the Jackson market – to the extent one exists.


  • Do the Dodgers feel any kind of impetus to respond? I don’t think so. To the extent they were looking to add a piece or two before the deadline, they would want to do so regardless of Peavy to the Giants.
  • The return to the Red Sox hasn’t yet been reported, but that will certainly be interesting given Peavy’s debatable value. On the year, Peavy, 33, has a 4.72 ERA, 4.81 FIP, and a 4.34 xFIP (and a 0.7 WAR, which matches Jackson’s – just sayin’). Peavy’s strikeout rate is down this year, and his walk rate is up.


Brett Taylor

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