I joked as I went to bed early last night (totally not worth it, as I did not sleep well at all) that I wouldn’t miss out on much because the game was certain to still be going on by the time I got up. Well, I was close. Good thing I decided in advance not to follow the whole game, or the two-day Blogathon would have turned into an impossibly long affair.

The game lasted 6 hours and 27 minutes, a Cubs record, which can only happen if it’s crazy slow (the first two innings took an hour and a half) and crazy long (it lasted 16 innings). To that latter point, Edwin Jackson gave up three runs in the first inning to the Rockies … and then they didn’t score for 15 straight innings thereafter.


John Baker played hero twice over, scoring the winning run, and …

july 29 box

Full box score.

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