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The Wait Was Excruciating: Happy Javier Baez Day!

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I’m not a physicist, but my understand of the relative nature of time is such that, from the moment it was announced that Chicago Cubs prospect Javier Baez would be making his big league debut tonight in Colorado, until the moment it was finally the actual day upon which he would be making that debut, stretched into something like 15 years. I can only imagine what will happen between now and tonight’s game (7:40pm CT).


But the day *is* here now, so we can party appropriately!

The last time Baez played Colorado, some things happened …

Those GIFs are via Dylan Heuer, and they are awesome.

Remember the time in Spring Training when Javier Baez broke two windows during batting practice?

That was awesome. And it made me giddy:

All right then. I know it’s hard not to feel like you’re putting too much pressure on Baez, a 21-year-old making his Major League debut. But as long as you understand that he might go 0-4 tonight with 4 ugly Ks, and that, if he does, it means nothing, then it’s OK to have a whole lot of fun with this today.

Happy Javier Baez Day!


Brett Taylor

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