steroids needle syringeYesterday, ESPN/OTL reported – almost as an aside to a larger Tony Bosch story – that there are likely to be additional MLB players implicated in the Biogenesis PED scandal that led to numerous suspensions last year.

The names may not come out for a little while, however, as they are not yet known to reporters, and will instead likely be included in discovery documents in the Bosch¬†(and others who have been arrested)¬†proceedings. If the names aren’t uncovered before then, in my estimation, we’re probably looking at a few months before that level of discovery occurs.


One of the authors of yesterday’s piece, T.J. Quinn, adds an interesting wrinkle to the identities and volume of MLB players involved:

So, then. We’re not looking at a huge number of players (which could be how they slipped through the cracks the first time around), and probably not Ryan-Braun-level superstars. But “fairly significant” players who aren’t borderline minor leaguers, to me, indicates that these are established guys whose names we would all know.

It may yet be a while before we see the players identified, so this will be a small cloud hanging over the game for some time yet.

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