Edwin Jackson’s season-long nightmare continues, and he was out of the game early enough that we got a 2.1 inning look at Jacob Turner, who acquitted himself well, retiring all seven he faced and striking out one.

Speaking of strikeouts … the Cubs have been striking out a lot lately. Sure, it’s probably just a blip tied to the pitchers they’ve faced, and it might not last, but the numbers have become truly staggering (as in, averaging more than 11 strikeouts per game over the last 7 games). And it can’t *all* be chalked up to the pitchers they’ve faced: Mike Fiers came into today’s game with a well-below average 18.2% K rate on the year, and a slightly-above average 22.9% K rate for his career.


Suffice it to say, the Cubs lost today.

august 14 box

Full box score.

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