Kyle Lohse didn’t miss his spot *that* badly.

But you don’t have to miss it much for Javier Baez to put a charge in it. And, man, with that swing, when he hits one, he HITS one:

I feel lucky to have been there in person for that one so that I can tell you that (1) everyone knew it was gone immediately off the bat, and the crowd’s reaction was incredible; and (2) it looked like a laser shot that I couldn’t believe left the stadium. Gone off the bat? Yes. On to Waveland? That was a surprise, given its trajectory. That’s just Baez.


Then, for good measure, Anthony Rizzo did this on the next pitch:

rizzo homer

I had to look up quickly from my phone, because I had been tweeting about the Baez homer.

Speaking of which, I was at last night’s game with my friend, Jim, who, thanks to a surprisingly long line, did not time his beer run as well as he would have liked:

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