kris bryant iowa cubs featureKris Bryant left the Iowa Cubs’ game last night after three innings, which caused a bit of a freakout around the web, as Bryant we seen leaving with the Iowa trainer.

Earlier this week, Bryant fouled a ball off of his left big toe, but continued playing (Tommy Birch). Last night, however, he was feeling it, so he departed for an x-ray. The results were inconclusive, so he’ll now head for an MRI. If there’s a fracture, even a minor one, it’s a pretty safe bet that Bryant’s season is over, which would put a considerable dent in the Iowa Cubs’ playoff hopes. You’d like to believe that a broken big toe wouldn’t impact Bryant’s ability to do offseason work after a rest period, and wouldn’t impact his Spring.


We’ll see what the MRI reveals, and hopefully the x-ray being inconclusive was not an indicator of trouble. Bryant was able to play (well) with the injury, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, because he might simply be a beast. Fingers crossed for a good outcome here.

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