bntv[On a thoughtful suggestion from BN’er Cerambam, I’m going to post new episodes of BNTV after they’ve recorded so that (1) you can watch, if you didn’t watch live; and (2) you can post additional comments/questions in this post – ones with a large number of upvotes will be addressed in the next episode of BNTV.]

On the latest episode of BNTV, I celebrated the arrival of Jorge Soler with a song and a story. Both of those things might get me in trouble, because the song was Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long,’ which was immediately flagged by the copyright holder (oops – it was just a tiny snippet! Wasn’t trying to pull a fast one on Lionel! In any case, the song might soon be gone, so if you hear silence, that’s why), and because the story I told might embarrass The Wife. Hey, she knew what she signed up for.

In addition to discussing Soler’s impending promotion, I got into what makes a reliever a successful starting pitcher convert candidate, a Tsuyoshi Wada/Ted Lilly comp, Starlin Castro’s future, and where the Cubs can fit in veteran positional guys, among other things.

The episode also features a return of The Hat, and a discussion of how I get my hair cut. Important stuff. Watch the episode below, and subscribe to BNTV’s YouTube channel (for free) to get notified of future episodes.

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