mariners logoI can’t believe this is a real story. And, as a fun aside, the setting is a game against the Boise Hawks, the short season Low-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, where Montero was rehabbing.

Last night, Seattle Mariners player Jesus Montero was involved in an altercation with someone in the stands. That, alone, would be a very noteworthy story, particularly given the sad descent of Montero, a former top prospect. But here are some other bits about the story:

  1. The altercation was with a Mariners scout (as in, a guy from the same organization as Montero).
  2. Montero tried to take a bat with him into the stands.
  3. The ultimate provocateur: an ice cream sandwich.

You can, and should, read about the incident here at MiLB.com.

Essentially, the Mariners scout and Montero got into it after the scout yelled at Montero to hustle off the field, and then sent Montero an ice cream sandwich in the dugout. From there, Montero threw the dessert at the scout, and had to be restrained from entering the stands to confront the scout, bat in hand. Montero famously came to Mariners’ camp as much as 40 pounds overweight this year, so you can see where the scout was going with the ice cream stunt.

Then again, maybe Montero just doesn’t like ice cream sandwiches. Maybe he’s more of a drumstick kind of guy. Myself? If you tried to send me one of those strawberry nutty pop things from the freezer cart, I’m pretty sure I’d lose my mind. Chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwiches for life.

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