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Kyle Schwarber is’s Minor League Hitter of the Month for August

Cubs Minor Leagues and Prospects

major award leg lamp trophyThe awards. They keep piling up.

Kyle Schwarber, the Chicago Cubs’ top pick in 2014, has killed it since becoming a pro. That was especially true in August, where, at his highest level so far (High-A), Schwarber hit .330/.400/.660 in a place where other hitters go to die (the Florida State League). It was an exceptional month, and Schwarber was deservedly honored as’s minor league hitter of the month.


Schwarber is wrapping up his season with the Daytona Cubs, who are now headed to the Florida State League Championship, thanks in part to Schwarber’s production. On the year, in his first 72 professional games, Schwarber hit .344/.428/.634 with 18 homers, 18 doubles, 2 triples, 57 strikeouts, and 39 walks. He’s a freaking beast.

Schwarber will head to instructional ball this Fall, where younger players work on specific skills, rather than compete in a structured league. It’s the kind of setting where, for example, you can really dig in on a guy’s catching ability, and figure out whether he could stick with it and not stunt the development of his prodigious bat next year.


Brett Taylor

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