anthony rizzo featureThere are 15 games spread over a little more than two weeks left in the season. If Cubs fans are going to get a peak at what a lineup with *all* of the team’s presently-rostered young stars could look like, there’s not much time remaining.

To that end, Anthony Rizzo (lower back strain) has been taking batting practice, and added running yesterday. There was an outside chance that Rizzo could have returned to the lineup this weekend, but now it sounds like it’s more likely to come – if it comes – when the team gets back to Wrigley Field on Monday (


That would put Rizzo’s return in line with Jorge Soler’s return from paternity leave. We have yet to see those two in the lineup together.

As for Starlin Castro (high ankle sprain), the Cubs’ shortstop remains determined to return this year, even after an initial prognosis that seemed to make that impossible. He’s out of his walking boot (, and commented that he just wants to get back and play, even if only for three games at the end of the year. Previously, he’d said he hoped to get back even if it was only forĀ one game. So that means he’s definitely had progress, right!?!

Health for the offseason and for 2015 remains the priority, but I can understand why it would be good for the players and the team to see these guys come back before the end of the year. It looks like it will happen with Rizzo, and remains unlikely with Castro. But possible.










Would be nice to see, eh?

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