And that’s the sweep!

Now, then. There are two schools of thought when your pitching staff dominates the kind of lineup the Reds threw out there tonight (i.e., split squad Spring Training day): (1) it’s September, and it’s meaningless; or (2) good pitching should dominate bad hitting, so, at a minimum, it’s a good thing it happened.

I tend to lean more toward number one, though there’s a way to read them together that might apply here. It’s good to see Kyle Hendricks and the bullpen pitching well against guys that probably won’t be on the Reds’ big league roster next year, because that’s what you’d expect bona fide big leaguers to do … you just don’t take away too much from it.


In any case, there’s no need to get too analytical tonight. Just enjoy the sweep.

sept 17 box

Full box score.

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