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Pre-Wild-Card-Gamin’: Giants v. Pirates (7:00 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.


pnc parkSo, that Royals/A’s game was almost – almost – good enough to convince me that the one-game Wild Card format is actually a good thing.


If the Pirates and Giants bust out a great one tonight, I might not be able to hold back from saying silly, caught-up-in-the-moment things about how awesome the one-gamer is.

I say go Pirates in this one. They can go all the way through the playoffs, for all I care. I feel a slight kinship with Pirates fans.

Game Info

San Francisco Giants at Pittsburgh Pirates, 7:00 CT on ESPN

Game Thread

This is it, folks. Down there. Those comments. Go nuts.

Starting Pitchers

Madison Bumgarner (2.98 ERA, 3.05 FIP, 2.99 xFIP; 5.09 K/BB)


Edinson Volquez (3.04 ERA, 4.15 FIP, 4.20 xFIP; 1.97 K/BB)

San Francisco Giants Lineup

1. Gregor Blanco, CF

2. Joe Panik, 2B

3. Buster Posey, C

4. Pablo Sandoval, 3B

5. Hunter Pence, RF

6. Brandon Belt, 1B

7. Brandon Crawford, SS

8. Travis Ishikawa, LF

9. Madison Bumgarner, P

Pittsburgh Pirates Lineup

1. Josh Harrison, 3B

2. Jordy Mercer, SS

3. Andrew McCutchen, CF

4. Russell Martin, C

5. Starling Marte, LF

6. Neil Walker, 2B

7. Gaby Sanchez, 1B

8. Travis Snider, RF

9. Edinson Volquez, P


Brett Taylor

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