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Cubs Anniversaries: Bad and Kinda Old, Good and Extremely Old

Chicago Cubs News

Today, eleven years ago, the walls came crashing in on Chicago Cubs fans. It’s the anniversary of Game Six of the 2003 NLCS, and the Miami Marlins just had to remind us:


I’ve said the bulk of what I’ll ever say about that series, and I’ll just keep linking back to this.

Today is also the anniversary of a … complicated moment in Cubs history: the last time they won the World Series, back in 1908. A cool reminder:

It’s kind of a melancholy thing to look at now, but it’s also pretty neat to see. So thanks, Todd.

If you need a cheerier anniversary, you can remember that this is what was happening three years ago today. I reckon that one has more relevance to the current Cubs than either of the other two.


Brett Taylor

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