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Anthony Rizzo Was the Best First Baseman in the National League in 2014

Chicago Cubs News

anthony rizzo featureBy any reasonable measure you can create, Anthony Rizzo was the best first baseman in the National League this year.


WAR? He was nearly a full win better than the next best guy (Todd Frazier). wRC+ or wOBA? Rizzo was the best by anyone with more than 500 plate appearances (Paul Goldschmidt was a couple points higher in each, but he had nearly 150 fewer PAs than Rizzo). Ability to crush meatballs? Check. Ability hit impossible homers? Check. (Seriously: once I start watching that homer, I can’t stop until I’ve watched it at least 10 times. Just so ridiculous.)

Think I’m just being a Rizzo homer? Well, maybe I am, but the Sporting News agrees with me, having named Rizzo the National League’s post-season All-Star at first base.

In a fun twist, the first baseman across town, Jose Abreu, took home the honor in the American League.


Brett Taylor

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