anthony rizzo featureBy any reasonable measure you can create, Anthony Rizzo was the best first baseman in the National League this year.

WAR? He was nearly a full win better than the next best guy (Todd Frazier). wRC+ or wOBA? Rizzo was the best by anyone with more than 500 plate appearances (Paul Goldschmidt was a couple points higher in each, but he had nearly 150 fewer PAs than Rizzo). Ability to crush meatballs? Check. Ability hit impossible homers? Check. (Seriously: once I start watching that homer, I can’t stop until I’ve watched it at least 10 times. Just so ridiculous.)

Think I’m just being a Rizzo homer? Well, maybe I am, but the Sporting News agrees with me, having named Rizzo the National League’s post-season All-Star at first base.


In a fun twist, the first baseman across town, Jose Abreu, took home the honor in the American League.

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