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Jon Lester’s Decision Captivated Everyone – And Then He Was All Kinds of Magnanimous

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kid-watching-tvThink baseball fans were captivated by free agent Jon Lester’s impending decision?


According to Maury Brown, MLB Network’s ratings on Tuesday evening – as you may recall, that’s when everything in the Lester pursuit was coming to a head – set a new record for the network. To be sure, the number is a little light for a TV network (179,000 viewers), but it was a 48% increase from the previous record. That’s a freaking blowout.

Folks love them some Jon Lester.

Speaking of which, if you follow Lester on Twitter or checked out his feed in the last day, you noticed something: Jon Lester is the nicest guy in the world. As you can see in his reply feed, Lester took the time – like, hours of time – to respond to dozens and dozens of tweets sent to him from happy Cubs fans and angry Red Sox fans. The responses were kind, thoughtful, and often funny. He took even the harshest comments from Red Sox fans in stride. I think Cubs fans are going to love this guy.

I also think future Cubs TV partners are going to love what’s coming …


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.