Say what you will about the San Diego Padres’ moves over the past few months, with the new front office taking over, but they’re definitely not boring.

To wit:

This should be fun to follow and dissect, should something ultimately go down. Myers, 24, is a former top prospect who broke out with the Rays after a trade from the Royals (James Shields). He followed that breakout with a .222/.294/.320 disaster in 2014, including a wrist injury that cost him a chunk of the season.


Assuming Myers isn’t broken for good, he’d be a great pick-up for the Padres, who really want to add another bat in the outfield. The Padres also really want to contend in 2015, which may not be great for a fringe Wild Card type team like the Cubs. But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves on both fronts there.

An interesting bit on the mention of Upton: Jerry Crasnick reported, shortly before Rosenthal, that the Mariners were on the verge of acquiring a hitter. Any chance there’s a connection there? It’s possible, given that the Mariners have been known to want Upton for a long time.



UPDATE 2: Now we’ve got some intrigue …

What Passan means there is that there is a sense that other teams covet the players involved in the San Diego/Tampa Bay talks, and the Padres/Rays know it. So they could be acquiring players that they already know they can and will trade to other teams.

UPDATE: And sure enough, Marc Topkin makes it even more explicit:

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