wrigley marquee featureFor those who don’t know, I live in Columbus (and I like to say that I commute to Chicago in the Summer). I went to Ohio State for law school, got my lawyer gig here, kinda made The Fiancee move here and become The Wife, and so we stayed and settled here. It’s a great place to live and raise a family, and it’s just close enough to Chicago that I can go there and back pretty easily throughout the year now that I have a non-Columbus-centric job.

It’s also, perhaps, the single most insane city about a single sports team that I’ve ever experienced. And that sports team – the Ohio State football team – just won the national championship. I feel good for the folks around here, but, man, I can already tell it’s going to feel old within a month. And the celebration is probably going to last more than a year.

The Wife observed some of this stuff with me this morning, and then concluded, “Can you even imagine what it’s going to be like when the Cubs win it all? It’s going to be even crazier, isn’t it?” She said it, and then nodded to herself, understanding that it’s probably not even particularly close.

Yup. We’re sitting in the middle of sports insanity and in the immediate aftermath of improbable victory, and even I won’t presume to know just how utterly nuts things are going to get in Chicago when it happens, and how long the nuts will last. Remember when millions and millions of Blackhawks fans gathered downtown to celebrate the Hawks’ Stanley Cup victory in 2013? Remember how they’d just won it all in 2010?

Yeah, I think it’s going to be indescribably ridiculous and immeasurably bonkers.

I can’t freaking wait.

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