cubs azl spring training logoIt happens every year during the offseason, and I’d imagine it’s not a fun thing to have to do: the Chicago Cubs have released seven minor leaguers as they prepare for the season ahead.

Those minor leaguers, according to Baseball America:

  • RHP Yao-Lin Wang, who was a signee out of Taiwan back in 2009, and got a decent bonus from the Cubs. The now 23-year-old flashed some intriguing stuff in the lower minors early in his career (and, thus, he’s probably the most recognizable name on this list), but stalled out at High-A. The Cubs brought in a significant load of lower-minors pitchers over the past two years, so this is part of resulting churn.


  • LHP Nathan Dorris was a 17th rounder out of college in 2012, is now 24, and reached High-A last year.
  • RHP Zak Hermans was a 30th rounder in 2013 (out of Princeton), and posted a decent strikeout rate at Low-A last year, but it wasn’t enough to hold down a spot.
  • Catcher Lance Rymel was a 28th rounder in 2012, and he never quite hit or landed on the prospect radar.
  • RHP Josh Davis was signed an undrafted free agent after the 2013 draft, and worked at a few levels last year.
  • LHP Alberto Diaz made his first stateside appearance in the low minors for the Cubs this past year after signing four years ago.
  • LHP Frailyn Figueroa, 19, was just signed a couple years ago, and didn’t pitch poorly in the DSL.

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