The weather has been modestly nice for a while, and it seems like things at Wrigley Field are chugging along (BEAMS!).

Some of the latest visuals from the renovation, as the bleachers kinda-sorta start to take shape:

And a great visual on how Wrigley’s footprint is expanding in the outfield:

We knew that the outfield wall “bump out” was going to be healthy enough to take Waveland down to one lane, but it’s wild to actually see how far it’s being bumped out. Given that Wrigley has such a tiny footprint and so little space to work with, I’m pretty happy about this change (especially given my bleacher-dwelling proclivities). The whole bleacher section is really going to be dramatically improved when this is all said and done.

On the renovation as a whole, the Cubs have released a video looking behind the scenes at the current work, and discussing the construction process:


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