Since I was traveling yesterday and had to miss the game, I was all the more interested in seeing highlights from the Cubs’ win over the Dodgers. To that end, one play I kept hearing about was Jorge Soler’s double to left, which wasn’t just any double to left. It was, apparently, a laser that was worth seeing. So I fired up MLB.tv, found the play, and sure enough, it’s pretty incredible.

Matt Clapp tweeted out a clip:

There is so much to like about that shot. First of all, Soler hits the ball so hard that, despite never quite leaving pure line drive level, it comes within a couple feet of leaving the park. Secondly, Soler hits the ball so hard that it reaches the wall in approximately two seconds. (360 feet in 2 seconds is about 123 miles per hour.)

Thirdly, despite hitting the ball that hard, and it being so close to a homer, Soler is booking it right out of the box. You can’t see it on the video there, but Soler ran so hard – good speed, too – that he made it to second standing up, despite a very quick play from the left fielder and a solid throw right to second.

Soler also did this in the game:

I guess C.J. Edwards did give up some solid contact. Not the hardest play in the world for Soler, but he got a good, quick read and made a nice catch.

Oh, and what the heck – while we’re into Soler highlights from yesterday’s game, how about this single on a good, low-and-away pitch:

Went down and got it without diving out too much, and put good wood on it. I like me some Soler today.

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