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WATCH: Mike Olt and Travis Wood Go Deep, Addison Russell and Javier Baez Play Slick D

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Tonight’s game – still ongoing – is a lot of fun. It’s an enjoyable Spring lineup, it’s a game on ESPN so lots of folks are talking, and there have already been some cool highlights.


Like Mike Olt showing off the new swing (broader base, stays closed longer, quieter hands (you can thank Mike Ferrin for identifying that last one)) against Jared Weaver:

He hit that one so very high. Sure, it’s probably not a homer at Wrigley in April, but he’s got plenty of easy power. He made at least one really Olt-ian play in the field, too (that’s what I call plays that should be difficult, but you wouldn’t know by watching how casually he made it).

Speaking of nice plays, check out this double play from Addison Russell and Javier Baez. Awesome from start to finish:

Baez was ultimately OK, but he’s been a “grit” machine tonight. Hustling at every turn like it’s the World Series, and standing in there to take that shot so he can complete the turn.


But the highlight in the game so far, I feel like, is Curt Schilling starting to discuss with some sincerity the holes in Travis Wood’s swing … just as Wood sends one 400 feet out to left:

You can’t hear it at the beginning, but that’s why there was all that silence as Wood swings. Great swing.


Brett Taylor

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