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Wrigley Rooftop Owner Indicted for Fraud, Allegedly Withheld Money from Cubs

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As with anything legal, I’ll caution you up front to reserve judgment until there’s a really complete picture of what happened (not just a small slice of what allegedly happened), but …


Hamid owns Skybox on Sheffield, which is one of the rooftops in right field that was sued a couple years ago by a bank for allegedly defaulting on various loans. The books for the rooftops, then, have probably been scrutinized for some time, and the recent tensions with the Cubs probably didn’t help things. If you’re wondering, yes, Skybox on Sheffield is one of the two rooftops currently suing the Cubs in federal court over the right field signage.


For now, it appears that the allegation is that the rooftop underreported revenue from 2008 to 2011, which therefore defrauded various government entities, as well as the Cubs, with whom the rooftops are contractually-obligated to share revenue.

I’ll have more details as they become available on this.


Brett Taylor

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