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Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 3, Cubs 0 – April 5, 2015

Enhanced Box Scores

For its own reasons, divorced from the actual play of baseball, Opening Night is a great thing.


For the Chicago Cubs, however, Opening Night was the consolidation of so many reminders to Cubs fans not to get too excited just yet. Simultaneously, of course, it was a reminder that one game is just one game, and there are 161 more of them this year.

No, Jon Lester was not particularly sharp. He has good stuff at times (hence the 6 Ks), but he was not locating as well as he’d like to. Still, it’s not as if he put the Cubs out of reach of a win, and the bullpen was freaking nails. There’s your silver lining if you want to find it.

Offensively, the Cubs put a handful of guys on base, but …

april 5 box


Brett Taylor

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