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Early Season Weirdness: Braves, Reds, and Rockies Undefeated

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Cincinnati-Reds-Mr-RedBecause they are the only games we have, and because they stand at the end of a set, we tend to disproportionately notice things that occur in the first X number of games in a baseball season much more than we notice the things that occur in the middle Y number of games, or even the final Z number of games.

I think it’s completely fine to do it, though, so long as you caution folks about how silly it can be. For teams around baseball, the season is, at most, three games old. That’s nothing. It means nothing. It’s a cosmic dice roll.

Still, it’s fun to point out that there are just three undefeated teams in the National League at the moment, and they are three of the most poorly-projected teams in the 2015 season: the Braves, the Reds, and the Rockies. Even after the wins, none has a playoff shot higher than 10% to either Baseball Prospectus or FanGraphs, except the Reds on BP (16.9% … still lowest in the NL Central).


The Braves are basically trying to tank this year, so the three wins may prove to be a thorn in the side. The Reds’ wins would be more annoying if they hadn’t come against the Pirates. I saw sweep ’em.

The Rockies, of course, won’t be undefeated for long, what with the Cubs rolling into town tomorrow.

Right? Um, right?


Brett Taylor

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