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Anthony Rizzo Crushes His First Homer of the Year Into the Wind (VIDEO)

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Anthony Rizzo’s lack of extra-base hits was one of those early-season storylines that didn’t really give you pause, but was fun to discuss in a knowing, this-won’t-last kind of way. Rizzo, who demonstrated a significant increase in power last year – among many other steps forward – had still been having excellent at bats, getting singles, and taking walks. The lack of a double or triple or homer was just a funny thing. Not a source for concern.


And for anyone that, nevertheless, had a little concern? Rizzo put it to bed last night with this monster shot:

It’s hard to see without the bleachers, but the ball went about halfway up, which isn’t super deep.

HOWEVA, the wind was blowing in pretty hard at that point, and Rizzo got that ball way up in the air. And it *still* went about 10 rows deep. That means he absolutely crushed it.

Rizzo’s line still looks kind of funky – .240/.429/.360 – but he’s doing plenty of great work outta that two-hole.


Brett Taylor

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