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Kyle Schwarber Takes a Bat to the Head, Exacts Revenge with Monster Homer (VIDEO)

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I had been watching the Cubs last night when I saw folks commenting on Twitter that Kyle Schwarber had just taken an inadvertent bat follow-through to the head. Concerned, I immediately hopped on to watch the Smokies.


I was a little confused, because the first thing I saw – and I mean, the very first thing – was this monster, rocket homer by Schwarber:

Was the injury so bad that they were in a delay, and showing highlights? Surely Schwarber hadn’t just taken a bat to the head and then did that immediately thereafter, right?

Turns out that there was no reason to be confused. Schwarber had just done that – his third homer of the year. The 22-year-old is now hitting .370/.483/.652 in his first few weeks at AA, with a 19.0% walk rate and a 22.4% strikeout rate.


Lesson for opponents? Don’t hit Kyle Schwarber or he will hit you back.

UPDATE: You can see some visuals from the bat-to-the-noggin …


Brett Taylor

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