If you checked out of today’s game early – there were plenty of opportunities afforded – you may have missed the exclamation point on the ugly loss.

In the 9th inning, with Edwin Jackson pitching well in his second inning of work, Brewers outfielder Logan Schafer hit a dribbler to shortstop, and then this happened:

That about sums the day up, doesn’t it? A mix of fluke and poor performance, the Brewers get a free run on several errors – a physical error by Starlin Castro (throwing), a mental error by Anthony Rizzo (casually retrieving the ball), and a physical error by Rizzo (throwing).

In some ways, it was the perfect ending to the day: get that stuff out of your system in a sure loss, right?

The Cubs will lose plenty of games this year, even to scuffling teams like the Brewers. It’s OK. Let that play be the end of the story on this one, and move on to win the series tomorrow. Two of three is fine by me.

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