addison russell cubs batI submit to you the following facts about Chicago Cubs infielder Addison Russell:

  • Addison Russell is currently hitting .261/.292/.500 with a .342 wOBA and 116 wRC+. That’s the fourth best wRC among Cubs regulars.
  • Yes, Addison Russell’s 4.2% walk rate and 43.8% strikeout rate are frightening, but his walk rate and strikeout rate are a slightly less scary 7.7% and 34.6%, respectively, since his first game at Wrigley Field on April 27.
  • In those last seven games, Addison Russell is hitting .375/.423/.750 with a .499 wOBA and 221 wRC+.
  • In the last five games, Addison Russell has homered twice:

  • Addison Russell has been playing second base for only a little more than two weeks, and yet he’s been able to make incredible plays like this:

… and heads up plays like this:

  • Until the Mets called up Dilson Herrera this past weekend, Addison Russell was the youngest player in the National League by a wide margin.
  • Yes, Addison Russell’s .435 BABIP is going to regress eventually, but if the strikeouts keep coming down and the walk rate keeps improving, his above-average overall offensive performance could continue.
  • For a 21-year-old with what appears to be a very good glove at second, that makes Addison Russell very valuable.

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