limited range podcastIn case you missed the news, Sahadev Sharma and I are back on the air with a new podcast, this time via Baseball Prospectus and its new local Cubs site, BP Wrigleyville.

The podcast is called Limited Range – for you see, it’s a baseball thing¬†and a comment on our own abilities – and you can listen to the latest episode below (or here) or get the RSS feed here.¬†Plug that feed into your favorite podcast catcher thingy, and you’ll get every new episode.

OR, you can subscribe on iTunes! Yes, we’re finally on iTunes. So please subscribe, and, if you like us, rate and review the podcast – it really helps get the thing noticed if you take the time to give a good rating and a review. So thank you in advance.

In Episode 4 (just recorded moments ago – how about that turnaround time?), we get into the recent stretch of ugly losses, and what it means for fans to deal with it, as opposed to players dealing with it. We talk about the bullpen struggles, the back of the rotation, and conclude with an impromptu love-fest for Anthony Rizzo


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