If you missed tonight’s bench-clearing shenanigans in the Cubs/Marlins game, you can watch the video for yourself here:

For my part, I had no issue with Junior Lake watching his ball, and I didn’t think the bat flip was too bad (though I’m generally not a fan – from an aesthetic perspective – of the short walk, then flip). It was a no-doubter, and he was having some fun in an otherwise miserable game.

HOWEVA, if you’re going to do that, then you have to know there’s a chance the other team might chirp a bit, and that’s when you just have to stay quiet and do your thing. Unless the Marlins were shouting really egregious things at him, Lake shouldn’t have given them the “shhh,” and everything that came after that pretty much fell on his shoulders.

All in all, none of this was particularly bad, and most of it is explainable as “in the moment” stuff. Sounds like Lake was apologetic after the game:

That all sounds about right. Joe Maddon was also not terribly pleased:

So, that’s that. In the pantheon of bench-clearing stuff, this was pretty tame on both sides. Lake made a mistake, and he’ll move on.

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