If you were wondering which Chicago Cubs player would be the first to deposit a home run ball into the newly-finished right field bleachers, it didn’t take long to get an answer. Dexter Fowler homered in the first game of the newly-opened bleachers, and a fan got into perfect position to catch the ball …


I’ve watched this in slow-mo enough times to say that, no, he doesn’t take that one in the primary part of the groin. It looks like an upper thigh shot, but boy was that close. I now know that if I’m ever in a position to catch a homer like that, I will turn my hips slightly, just in case the ball goes through my hands.

Also, it’s too rapid to see, but there was a group of us in the frame at the far left for a little bit, as Fowler’s homer was about 15 people to our left. I totally would have caught it, though. With one hand. No meaningful groin risk.

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