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Big Atlanta, Arizona Trade is Mostly Just Braves Buying Top Pitching Prospect from D-Backs

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A truly bizarre – well, it’s not so bizarre when you break it down – trade between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves:


If you’re looking at that and thinking that you vaguely recognize Gosselin as a light-hitting utility type, and Toussaint as a borderline top 100 pitching prospect, you’d be correct. So why the swap?

Well, Tommy John-recoveree Arroyo is the answer, with about $10 million guaranteed to him between this year and a buyout on a $13 million option for 2016.


In other words, the Diamondbacks just sold Toussaint to the Braves for about $10 million (or maybe slightly less than that if you think Gosselin has a little value – or maybe back up to about $10 million if you think Arroyo has a little value).

Ben Badler sums up that decision by the D-Backs:

Whether this was a reflection of the D-Backs evaluating Toussaint – just one year after drafting him in the first round, and traded on the very first day he was eligible to be traded – or a reflection of ownership desperately wanting some cash, we might not know. The Braves will get plaudits for using cash to buy a prospect, and the D-Backs will be derided (though I’m not so sure they didn’t get good value here for a young pitching prospect that they did get a chance to work with for quite a while – maybe they know that he’s not worth $10 million).


You can bet MLB doesn’t love these kinds of trades, though at least it wasn’t a traditional money bags operation buying the prospect.

We’ll see what the fallout is from this in the coming days – I don’t think this will necessarily spur activity, but I wonder what other teams will be saying about this one.


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.