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Brewers Reportedly Close to Trading Aramis Ramirez to Pirates

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I can’t dig into this as much as I’d like right now due to family time (sounds like Craig Calcaterra is in the same boat), but I wanted to at least get this in front of you now.


No word yet on what the Brewers would be getting back, but, whatever the case, the immediate implications here are obvious: the Pirates are ahead of the Cubs in the Central, ahead of the Cubs in the Wild Card race, and could now be adding a bat to help defray some of what they’ve lost with Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer going down with injuries. Further, Pedro Alvarez’s struggles at first base have been significant (and his bat has been declining), so even after Harrison and Mercer return, Ramirez could play a big part in the Pirates’ offense.

As Brink subsequently pointed out, it was on this day 12 years ago that Ramirez was first traded away from the Pirates … to the Cubs.


Ramirez, now 37, is hitting .247/.295/.430 on the year.


Brett Taylor

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