So, who’s still around? Or, maybe, who just got up?

Earlier tonight Yesterday, the Cubs took a 3-2 lead in the 8th inning when Anthony Rizzo rocketed one into the stands at Miller Park with a couple Cubs on base. In the bottom half, Pedro Strop came on to protect the lead, and, with two outs, Khris Davis grounded one deep into the hole, and it looked like the Brewers would put the tying run on base.

Starlin Castro said nope:

That’s not only solid range there, but a heck of a strong, accurate arm … from his knee. Although the Cubs went on to add a couple more runs in the 9th, at the time, that was a pretty critical play from Castro.

I enjoyed it. And now you can re-enjoy it, too.

Also, why not enjoy the aforementioned Rizzo bomb? It was excellent:

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