justin upton padresKen Rosenthal’s morning column on the Padres is a very good read to prime you for a day during which San Diego could be the center of attention.

Or not.

The expectation for a long time now has been that the Padres would sell off dramatically, including a number of controlled players, not merely free-agents-to-be. Rumors flew as recently as last night that the Padres were working on something “big” with the Cubs or maybe the Astros. And that was just the latest example.┬áIt’s just that, here we are on Deadline Day, and it hasn’t happened. None of it. No trades at all.

Rosenthal’s piece indicates that the Padres aren’t yet 100% certain that they’re going to have a dramatic sell-off. Instead, they may simply be looking to reshuffle the deck a bit. Maybe that is six of one, half dozen of the other (especially if they’re looking for big-league-ready shortstops in any case), but it’s interesting. It still seems likely that the Padres will sell at least their impending free agents – Justin Upton, Ian Kennedy, and Will Venable among them.

As for Cubs-specific stuff, Rosenthal reiterates things we’ve heard before: the Cubs really like Tyson Ross, also like Venable, and could theoretically deal Starlin Castro and/or Javier Baez to get them as part of a large deal.

If you’re looking for a tea leaf on the Padres’ direction, though:

It’s hard to imagine the Padres dealing Kimbrel and not dealing other players, too. Then again, it’ll be interesting to see what they target in these deals – it might not be just about prospects.

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